Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend in Las Vegas

I had a really relaxing/ fun time in Vegas with my family over the course of the "Thanksgiving" holiday! I am so thankful for all the good people in my life and all of my blog readers as well.
BOUCHON- serves some serious breakfast
I also used to eat here when I lived in New York!
Omelette du Jour (egg whites only)
^ Indoors ^
Awesome soap store I came across in the Venetian 
(I forgot the name, B.. something)
En route to the Wynn Hotel for some Thanksgiving grubb
The BEST show in Vegas... In my opinion at least
Don't be fooled, this is the line to the infamous Wynn Buffet
So what... I like taking pictures of pretty bathrooms
Glorious view... when we FINALLY made it to the cashier!
Gorgeous decorations all around the hotel
Inside the buffet:
^Make your own pastaaa!
Meatballs, Something.. ribs, Mac and Cheese, and Gnocchi
The best bar is a dessert bar
Crepe station
My personal favorite= Creme Bruleeee!
Coffe ice cream and Mint Chip (not the tastiest combo)
Pictures outside my hotel
^These photos are located in between the Palazzo and Venetian Hotels
Actual height is probably 12 ft tall? Stunning.
Trying to figure out why there are so many buttons on this machine..
Had the chance to meet up with my friend Noor and do a little shopping!
Beautiful Louboutins
^ Great frozen hot chocolate at SERENDIPITY 3 ^
The Cosmopolitan hotel has a great multi-floor night club 
(for those who are interested)
On the way back home.. miles of this view
Saw this tarantula in front of the restroom at a rest area!!
Sorry, had to take a close up picture.. Never have I ever...
Hope you all enjoyed my photos from this weekend! 


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