Saturday, November 17, 2012

Every day may not be good...

...But there's something good in every day

As usual, the weather's been weird here in Southern California. 

Rain or shine... I try to go on a brunch/lunch date every weekend :)
I spent the lovely afternoon with Stephen at Strawberry Farms, 
one of my favorite places to eat.
Here are some pictures from today: 
^ Tory Burch Loafers
Levi's Jacket, LF silver mesh tank top, Zara trousers, MK watch, Bally bag, gifted round neck-wire necklace
Stephen ordered a grilled chicken sandwich
I ordered my usual BBQ Chicken wrap.. mmm
^ You can get married here!
(wedding photo credits to Strawberry Farms)
Hope you all have a great weekend, rain or shine! 



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  4. I absolutely adore your shoes and your outfit idea posts are amazing! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog so that I could discover yours :) I'm now following


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