Sunday, November 11, 2012

Reminiscing over the D.C. trip

All this voting and Presidential debates... not to mention the re-election of Obama as our 2nd term President, reminded me of the wonderful memories I had in Washington D.C. over the summer.

So here's a little recap: my friend Logan came from California and we planned to meet at D.C. over the summer for a few days before going back to NYC.
BOLTBUS! NYC --> WASHINGTON D.C. (around 5hrs)
If you ever take BOLTBUS, make sure to come early to pick your seat! 
Also, bring a warm jacket... this bus is super cold inside.

En route to D.C..... horrible weather!!

Stopped in Delaware for some FOOD.

 Penn Station
 Logan and I rented a place for a couple of nights off a safe site called We stayed with a family of 3 in the East Street, NE.We had the entire basement to ourselves!

FYI: Washington is divided into 4 quadrants, NW, NE, SW, SE. Every address you see will have one of these quadrants. 


 Farmer's Market!!!! Everything was so fresh and yummy!

  ^ There's Logan! :)

 FYI: Washington D.C. subways are a lot cleaner and faster than NY ones!

 The Old Post Office Tower

 Abe Lincoln's hat!

 Bread pudding and strawberry smoothie!

  Segsinthecity monument tour- on a rainy day... SO MUCH FUN!!!

  Hanging out in the pouring rain during our Segway tour!

 My first time trying oysters! Not bad not bad

 Best strawberry cocktail I've ever had.

Until next time, D.C.!


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