Thursday, November 22, 2012

Viva Las Vegas... The City of LIGHTS

After a long 4.5hr drive... We finally arrived in Vegas!
It's crazy how there are SO many locals/tourists that go to Vegas... any day of the year! The traffic wasn't too bad, but there were definitely some jams here and there (thankfully I didn't drive). I found out that a couple of my friends are out here as well, so hopefully we will get to meet up! What a great start to my Thanksgiving week/end :) 
--Here are some pictures so far--
Super blurry picture of the Venetian.. oops!
Inside the Venetian Hotel (my favorite hotel in Vegas)
The Piazza Suite: 1,400 square feet! 
Outfit from earlier today:

I'm heading out now, but wanted to post some pictures up first--
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  1. Great pictures!! Im your new follower,hope you can follow me back!)

  2. I love Vegas !! i was there this past august and it was amazing.
    have a great time !!

  3. thankyou for stopping by my blog! yes I'd love if we can follow eachother.
    follow me via bloglovin and gfc and Ill do the same!

  4. Oh, so jealous looks liek you had a great time!
    I love your shorts :)


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