Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday cheers!

I can't believe it's already DECEMBER... Where did time go?
Towards the end of every year, I take some time to reflect on myself...
This year, was a year full of changes for me.

I left my job at Tory Burch, lived in New York City working for Harper's Bazaar magazine, met amazing people, attended NY Fashion Week/ FNO, went to Washington D.C., and applied for graduation at the University of California, Irvine this December. I went through a lot of personal changes as well... I really learned to be independent, reflective, and career-oriented. Graduating, as fun as it sounds, is super scary. I've worked in the fashion industry for over 6 years, but those 6 years does not seem to be enough. Now that I am making a CAREER decision, I'm not certain which direction I should go next. I have had several interviews including working for Herve Leger, Louis Vuitton (corporate and retail), Prada, Forever 21 Corporate office, marketing account manager, manager at smaller chain boutiques (such as Brandy Melville), and much more. Although I have been offered several job opportunities, nothing has really caught my full attention yet... Within the next few weeks, I'll know where the next chapter in my life lies...
 Come along for the ride!

On a more cheerful note, I went to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA this week. I love how beautiful a typical December afternoon looks like in Southern California!
Possible new art piece for my bedroom (?)

I also went shopping at ZARA and Free People (at South Coast Plaza) to shop for some "winter" clothes! 
Here are some of my great finds: 

Would love to hear your suggestions/comments :)


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  1. love all of your pics from fashion island!
    so filled with holiday cheer!

    And good luck on your career pursuits! I know you'll find something that really gets you going!
    You could look into NYC jobs? I mean you're graduating right?!



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