Tuesday, December 11, 2012

This week:

Where I have been feasting at: 
(Buffalo Wild Wings)
Places I've been:
Started a new boxing workout... great stress reliever
Late night jacuzzi time
Beautiful sunsets
Tree decorating at home

Besides all that, I've been spending most of my days preparing for my final exams (unfortunately). However, this week will be my FINAL week at the University! I can't believe how fast your college years pass by... what a trip. To celebrate--I'll be heading down to Las Vegas again this weekend to celebrate my dear friend Stephanie's Birthday and see Steve Aoki and Calvin Harris! Pictures will be updated often via Twitter if you follow me.

Some pictures from the last Vegas trip with the girls:

P.S. Starting next week I will be selling a TON of clothes, bags, and accessories via Ebay and online. Keep your eyes and ears open for some amaaazing deals!


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