Monday, January 14, 2013

Healthy mind, healthy body

Blogging, whether it is for an intended audience or for myself, has been a fun hobby in the making. Constantly reminding myself to capture "moments worth remembering" has been a little difficult at times (due to my forgetful nature), but I think I've been getting pretty good at it. With January still being the "beginning of the year," I bought myself some new products to try out. One new resolution I came up with recently is to have a healthy mind and a healthy body... meaning: workout more, take care of my body/ face, and light a candle and listen to more music (aka RELAX). 
*Nike Air from Dick's Sporting Goods*
*Purchased from Sephora*
Favorite so far: SUGAR tinted lip treatment- by Fresh
(Aloha Orchid is a little too strong for my sensitive nose, but the Goji Tarocco Orange candle is heavenly. I'd say it's the perfect blend of fruity scents! I've been eyeing the monogram mug and the Voluspa candle for awhile, so I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy them!)
*All 3 purchases are from Anthropologie*


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