Sunday, January 13, 2013

Big Bear Lake Weekend

So... This weekend, I finally got to see some REAL SNOW for the first time in years! Going from 70-something degrees F weather to 10-degree F weather was definitely interesting to say the least. I pretty much layered my entire wardrobe everyday I was in Big Bear Lake, CA. But hey, it kept me warm right? Well... comfort>fashion was definitely my style motto for the weekend. 
The weekend getaway in Big Bear was by far one of my favorite mini-vacations in awhile. On Thursday, there was a snow storm that swept across this mountain, so when we arrived on Friday there was some fresh piles of snow everywhere!
Let my pictures tell you a thousand words.... 
Stayed at Bay Meadows Resort in Big Bear Lake, CA
- Room #101 (you get your own little cabin)
4 words: warm, clean, roomy, cute! 
Best BBQ place: Jasper's Smokehouse and Steaks
Biggest Steak I've ever eaten in my life.... But so tender and juicy!
Full Rack- comes with 2 sides and french fries
Tubing... yep. Best decision ever- had a blast!
For anyone looking for great all around hiking boots (waterproof), I definitely recommend Vasque Breeze 2.0 GTX. I purchased them last week and wore a pair of wool socks inside and had NO problems with wet socks or cold feet! 

It snowed on Friday night-- it was breathtaking and beautiful :)
Brunch at Teddy Bear Restaurant (near Jasper's)
Super crowded all day long.... endless menu, great food, OK service.
Cute "animal" banks w/ blown up bodies! Love it
Found these in a small boutique downtown
Spent the day at the Moonridge Zoo- Big Bear
It is "a safe haven for injured wild animals in the hope of rehabilitating them and returning them to the wild. When a release is not possible, the Zoo provides these animals a "home for life."' Right now, they are working to build a $27 million dollar Zoo expansion. 
^ Closest I'll ever get to a Bald Eagle
^ Wolf (a LOT bigger in real life)

Looking forward to coming back here during the spring/summer. I recommend this trip to anyone who has the opportunity to do it! 


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